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Bed Exercises for Sport Injuries/Post Surgery

by Tai Chi Master Instructor Rosann Argenti, BSW

After a general anesthetic and subsequent period of inactivity, the lungs have a tendency to become congested with fluid due to the lack of their full expansion. In medical terms, this is known as atelectasis, which predisposes you to pneumonia and collapsed lungs. In fact, for the first few days after my surgery, I was uncooperative about getting out of bed and moving since every little motion was agonizing. Subsequently, one of my lungs filled with fluid. This required on two separate occasions a draining procedure known as thoracentesis. This was very painful and the punctured area continued to be a source of discomfort and spasm for what turned out to be a three-week hospital stay.

Bed exercises, accompanied by deep breathing are beneficial in preventing these serious complications. As well, bed exercises are beneficial for sporting injuries as you can strengthen the body without risk of further damage. Keep your awareness focused on your breathing pattern and the body part exercised.

The exercises are easy to follow and they promote circulation, increase flexibility, and strengthen and tone the body. As well, an overall feeling of relaxation will be experienced. Bed exercises can also be done after a full day in order to wind down before sleep and promote complete rest.

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To your health and well-being!