You don’t have to speak a foreign language to enter into the world of the martial science of Tai Chi, which has been medically documented by some of the leading healthcare institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic, Emory Medical University and Harvard Medical University.

Tai Chi will help to improve your sporting activities, and enjoy the ride along the way. What you will experience can be applied not only to your favorite sport, but to every aspect of your life, bringing you to moments of clarity and focus, emotional balance and renewed energy and strength.

Sports Tai Chi offers individualized exercises that can enhance and improve your abilities. The exercises are designed to “slow” your thinking process and tune into mind/body integration that helps us move with awareness and heightens our focusing capabilities.

We have all heard of “being in the zone”, however, how many of us have actually experienced this phenomenon or been able to remain there? The zone happens when you feel connected and in harmony with your technique; time has slowed down and your motions are effortless. Your performance level is peaking. Imagine being in this non-resistant state where you are not distracted by your thoughts, your emotions are tranquil and balanced, and your body is moving instinctively.

Sports-Tai Chi is concerned with increasing the “chi” (vital or essential energy) dynamic within each of us, allowing our personal rhythms to return to a state of equilibrium. This has a tremendous affect on the dynamic quality of play in sports. This desired state of symmetry can be experienced through Rosann’s model approach of Breathing techniques, Tai Chi exercises, Sitting Tai Chi meditation, and Chi-Kung massage. These various techniques allow the sports enthusiast to appreciate a different quality in play, as the experience of “The Zone” and chi-focus and balance, accelerate the competence level.

Training Program

A number of techniques have been efficiently designed to bring you to “The Zone” and allow you to truly participate in the sport that you are involved in.

In Sports-Tai Chi, you will be guided through the following training methods that are easy to follow and enjoyable to experience:

1)   “Basic Breathing”; Increases your physical energy and productivity through the promotion of deep relaxation and composure. It allows us to focus the mind, develop deeper levels of awareness, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and relieve insomnia.

2)   “Warm Up Routine”; Tai Chi warm up routine will release endorphins to get you vitally ready for your game, stimulate core focus, and increase coordination, timing, and flexibility.

3)   “Tai Chi Modality”; Steadily increases strength, flexibility, and “Chi” – vital force & physical energy. Learn to develop high levels of concentration, balance, and psychological stamina. Experience mind/body integration and awareness.

4)   “Chi-Kung Massage”; Give yourself a healing and revitalizing massage & experience the benefits of an acupuncture treatment without the needles. Promotes an overall sense of well-being and distributes the flow of “chi” throughout the entire body. Beneficial to use before and after your sport.

5)   “Sitting Tai Chi”; Experience the creative flow of Tai Chi Meditation, and enhance “The Zone” experience.

Sports-Tai Chi offers personal training, group sessions, and seminars.