Meet Celebrity Tai Chi Master Instructor Rosann Argenti, BSW

Tai Chi Master Instructor

Rosann co-produced and appeared on the WEDU PBS TV Series, “Tai Chi INNERWAVE”, which aired for nine years nationwide. Distribution of the series is now international. She has taught worldwide and her students include celebrities, professionals, children, and men and women of all ages. She is also a specialist in Tai Chi Swordplay.

Sports-Tai Chi

Rosann offers the unique and comprehensive Tai Chi training program, helping you to reach your potential in all sporting activities.

She has been playing golf since the age of twelve. She has trained golfers, tennis players, skiers, etc. with the expansive discipline of Tai Chi.

Enrichment Series

She has created an “Enrichment Series” that enhances your everyday life and promotes overall well-being: “Tai Chi”, “Sitting Tai Chi”, “Respiration Awareness”, “Chi Kung Massage” and “Exercise in Bed”.

Keynote Speaker

Rosann’s innovative approach to self-development called “BECOME . . . All that is Possible” offers a uniquely balanced and humorous road map to navigate through the complexity of life’s challenges.


Rosann is the author of “Surgery – How to Rehearse Before You See the Nurse” with worldwide distribution. She shares her personal saga about a surgical procedure that changed her life, and provides a comprehensive ‘survival kit’ to prepare for surgery, a hospital stay, and recuperation at home.


Rosann is the creator of the pre- and post-operative seminar, “A Practical Guide to an Easier Time” for patients, families, and medical professionals.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Rosann was a therapist and created the Continuing Education Course, “Tai Chi/Chi-Kung for Professionals”, approved by the Florida Boards for healthcare professionals.

Social Worker

Rosann is a graduate in social work (with distinction) from her hometown, McGill University, Montreal, Canada and worked in psychiatric and educational settings.

Integrative Fitness Trainer

Rosann was director and chief instructor of DanceWorld Studio Z, a multi-disciplinary center for Modern and Jazz Dance, Massage Therapy, Drama and Tai Chi in Montreal, Canada.