Rosann Argenti is an amazing person. I have known her for at least twelve years and always enjoy her Tai Chi classes. She is a wonderful teacher and communicator. Rosann is creative and resourceful, and she is beautiful both inside and out. Her positive attitude opens many doors.

Marty Buenneke

“Rosann’s unique approach to sports training by incorporating the methods of Tai Chi certainly opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my sporting activities. Since my introduction to the Sports Tai Chi methods, I have been able to calm myself both on the golf course and tennis court. I now have a much better understanding of how to stay in the moment and keep my emotions under control so that I can maximize my potential when performing my sporting activities. I would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a new fresh approach on how to maximize their potential in their craft to contact Rosann and get some insight to the Tai Chi methodology.”

Matt Carroll, PGA,
Head Golf Professional
Misty Creek Country Club
Sarasota, FL.

Maureen Needham Aldrich Testimonial

I Am Tai Chi
I am a blue heron
Silently stalking,
Balanced with leg poised high,
I step softly into the sea.

I am a cloud
Wafting gently across the sky,
My arm drifts to the side,
My feet glide, body sways.

I am rain
Flowing gently from the sky,
My fingers trace trails of teardrops,
My feet planted firmly in the earth.

I am the pure white crane
Unfolding my wings,
I spring upward with my long legs
And soar above the world.

I am peace,
I am poetry,
I am passion,

I am tai chi.
Maureen Needham Aldrich ph.d.
My thanks to my mentor and dear friend,
Rosann Argenti, a master teacher of many talents.

Maureen Needham Aldrich, PH.D.,
Author of Therapy in Motion
(University of Illinois Press)

“I have been working with Rosann Argenti with her Sports-Tai Chi program and I must say that this workout has improved my golf game. I have a better understanding of how to approach each shot with the breathing techniques that we have been implementing. I find myself calmer and more focused on my game with a great deal of reduced tension. I highly recommend Rosann’s Sports-Tai Chi program.”

Tom Bernstein

“As a former skeptic of the physical and mental benefits of Tai Chi, I now recognize the improvement in my physical fitness and in greatly improved balance that the regular practice of Tai Chi has afforded me. Rosann is a superb teacher. She is patient yet challenges her class while never demanding more than they can manage. She uses slow synergistic movement supported by low volume background music to achieve a very pleasant atmosphere for a thorough workout of the whole body. An additional class of Tai Chi Meditation promotes serenity of spirit. Thank you, Rosann for your excellent leadership skills.”

Frederick L. Moffat, MD

“As a 77 year old man who climbs 175 flights of stairs a week as the core of a varied exercise program, I was privately doubtful of the value of adding an hour and a half of tai chi each week, at the urging of my wife. I was wrong. The heightened fluidity and muscle suppleness, as well as improved balance, have been well worth the time invested. Add to those benefits, an unanticipated sense of quietness and inner peace, which I attribute to the extraordinary teaching abilities of Rosann Argenti, make me very glad I chose to add tai chi to my life.”

Terry Aldrich